Tuesday, July 24, 2018

The Molly B

The Molly B

     Linda and I have decided to start looking for a house. I can't afford a house payment and slip fees and insurance for the boat so I guess we will have to try to sell our boat. I really hate to do that but I can't really keep up with all the repairs and maintenance required either. I guess I'm just getting too old. So, I have listed the Molly B on a facebook site called Trawlers for Sale. Got a lot of real favorable remarks, but no takers yet. Hopefully it won't take too long to sell, but I don't think that's a realistic expectation, I think it might take quite a while. I'm asking $125,000 OBO. It will most likely be the OBO that will sell the boat, not the 125k asking price. I just hope I can get enough to buy a small house somewhere in Florida, I have a little over $200,000 invested in the construction of the Molly B, and the surveyed replacement value was set at $675,000 in June of 2014 so 125k should be a fair price for her. If you are interested, or hear of anyone interested, please refer them to the following Link. Molly B 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Making some progress/

     As we progress through the list of needed repairs we really need to raise the debt ceiling! My new engine start battery was the cheapest item on the list, and that was $108.00. I have my new air conditioner installed finally, what a blessing that is with temps in the upper 90's and feels like temps around 112! That new unit is really working hard to keep the boat cool but it's doing a pretty good job. I've had some trouble with the new unit in that there isn't enough air circulation around the unit with the way it's mounted under the flybridge deck. I'm going to need some more vents in the deck up there to help cool the unit a bit more. Right now I've just removed some of the panels up there and that seems to provide a little more fresh air to the unit so it keeps running instead of cutting in and out like it was doing earlier. The total cost on the air conditioner and installation ran $2,072.58. That's a lot, but around $300.00 less than the first unit I installed myself, except this one doesn't have a heat pump but it's a 15k unit so it's a little bigger than the first one.

    Then there is my new Inverter/Charger. The unit is a Go Power 3000 watt unit and it cost me $1,417.98. I hired a couple guys from Fernandina Beach to come up and install it for me. I started removing the old one and gave up. I just don't bend enough anymore to work under the cabinets on the bridge. I haven't gotten the bill for the installation yet so I don't know the total cost of that but I imagine it will be quite a bit since they had to travel a couple hours to get up here and back plus the time on site working. I need to have a bigger circuit breaker installed for the new inverter so they will have to come back up to do that for me. I changed one breaker in that distribution panel and I don't really want to try to do it again. You have the really tear the thing apart to get to the breaker you want to replace. You have to take the whole row of breakers apart to replace one in that row and this one is a double main breaker which makes it that much more difficult to do. 

     I just about had my credit cards paid off, and now they will be back up there again. Oh well, it's only money. I just need to live long enough to pay them off, again!

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

We made it; but just barely!

      We limped into Brunswick Landing Marina on June 8th on one engine, no air conditioner, and no battery charger on my inverter. Something new seemed to be shutting down with every passing moment. I also cooked the port engine start battery. It must have shorted out or something, causing the port engine not to start. I tried to jump the engine with the starboard battery, and it still wouldn't start. The stater wouldn't even turn the engine over. So, I think maybe the starter on the port engine must have gotten damaged during the battery problems. I had normal voltage output readings on both engines so I don't think it was an overvoltage problem that caused the problem with the battery. I had a house battery do the same thing once, it just cooked and boiled over in the battery box. I do have a spare starter so I can change that out easy enough. I'm going to wait until Tim, my oldest son, gets here with our car and I can go downtown and get another battery. Then I can see if it is the starter or not. I have also ordered a new inverter/charger and made an appointment for an electrician to install it for me. I have also ordered a new air conditioner and have a local company ready to install it for me as soon as it gets here. This is really going to cost me a small fortune to get this boat back up and running again. I was just getting my credit cards paid off and now we're going back in debt again! 
     We got a slip close the the club house so we can take advantage of that free beer and wine they offer without having to walk too far. The marina is nice with floating docks which is a good thing, because there is a tide of around 6.8 feet here. The next high tide is tonight and is supposed to be 8.4 feet, floating docks are a must here.

Friday, May 25, 2018

On the Road Again.

     Our stay in Florida is just about over for this year. We're getting ready to head north around the end of the month. It's been a nice stay here at the Nettles Island Marina except when the wind blows out of the south, it gets pretty "rocky" in our slip. We are all the way in the marina almost up against the bulkhead on the north end and we still get some pretty big waves in here with that south wind. Other than that, it's a pretty nice place to spend some time. It's only a short run over the Indian River Lagoon to all the shopping you might want to do. 
     We will won't be going all the way up to the Chesapeake Bay this summer, it's just too far to travel and getting rather expensive with the fuel prices along with everything else along the way going up. Instead we will be stopping in Brunswick, GA for the summer. That's just far enough north to satisfy my insurance company, and only about 300 miles from here so we can make the run in about a week instead of a month to the Chesapeake. We'll be coming back down to pick up our car so we'll have transportation this summer. Now we just have to wait out this tropical disturbance moving north from the Yucatan into the gulf. Don't know how bad that might end up getting, so we have decided to sit tight until it passes and then head out. We'll be staying at the Brunswick Landing Marina which is at 1701 Torras Landing, Brunswick, GA. If you happen to be in our neighborhood, stop by and say hello. Take care, and have a great summer.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Home Again

     We're back in Florida once again. What a trip down this year! The weather was almost more than I could handle. We had that low pressure system moving up the coast almost all the way down. The winds were blowing every day providing us with a real nice rock and roll ride. It got too rough a few times and we had to duck into a marina and hold up until the wind laid down a little. We ducked into the Melbourne Landing marina and really had some gale force winds hit us there. We spent three days there before we ventured out again. We had some damage to our flybridge while we were there. The wind blew our bimini off and ripped it up so I had to take it down, what was left of it, so it wouldn't flap around in the wind while we were underway. We have been making that 2,000 mile trip to the York River in VA and back every year since the summer of 2014. I think we might just have to find a place to spend the summer a little closer to Florida. We have to be north of 30.5 degrees N latitude by July 15 for our insurance to remain in affect so we have to go north, maybe just not the whole 1,000 mile trip. It's very expensive and it seems something always breaks down and needs repair along the way. It's a boat after all! We are staying at a little marina on Nettles Island this year because we couldn't get into Ft. Pierce City marina. This is a nice spot and we have everything we might need here or nearby. Nettles Island is across the river from Jensen Beach FL which is just north of Stuart, FL. If you happen to find yourself in the area, stop by and say hello.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Our Journey is Complete!

     We're home! We pulled into Ft. Pierce, FL on Friday, December 2nd and completed our loop. It took 8 months and we traveled almost 5,000 miles. What a trip! It was fun, exciting, scary at times, and really awesome other times. It was the adventure of a lifetime and now we can cross it off our bucket list and go onto the next on the list. I just don't know what that might be yet. It's good to be home safe and sound once again. Thanks to all of you that followed us along our way it was really great hearing from you, we missed all of you and hope to be able to catch up with many of you now that we are home. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Crossing the Gulf of Mexico

     We've made it across the Gulf of Mexico. We are currently in the city marina at Tarpon Springs FL. It took us 25.5 hours to make the crossing and I was up and almost awake for the whole timp. It was a very interesting and disastrous crossing. We met up with a couple guys in Carrabelle that had a 1974 Chinese Junk that they wanted to cross the Gulf in but they didn't want to cross alone just in case. There were seven of us loopers there that were going to make the crossing on Friday as that was the last weather window for another week or more. Everyone they talked to wanted to run faster than they could go until the came over to our boat. I told them we would run between 7 & 8 mph and they said that was about what they would be comfortable running at and asked if they could follow us across. I said sure, and we set up a meeting place to start across. Friday morning we met at 10 o'clock and headed out across. The forecast was for 2 foot seas and gradual calming Friday night. Then Saturday it was supposed to kick up with the passing of a front which would produce some strong winds out of the northwest and seas in the 6+ foot range so we had to go with what they said we would encounter. It was really rough at first, with two foot seas and occasional 4+ foot groups of waves. We were pounding really hard because we were heading right into the seas. We watched the guys behind us and they were pounding pretty hard as well. At around 40 miles into our crossing we got a call from them, (The Lucky Lady) and they said they were taking on water and had stopped to check it out. We turned around and headed back to them and they were quite a ways back by that time. When we arrived they were making preparations to abandon ship. The boat was riding a little low in the water by then and they said it was filling up pretty fast. They were towing a dingy into which they loaded everything they could salvage on short notice and rowed over to us where we unloaded the dingy and took them aboard. They weren't able to determine where the water was coming in but it was faster than their bilge pumps could handle so the decided they had better abandon ship. I called the Coast Guard and informed them of the sinking, and gave them all the information about the boat and it's location. I told them we had evacuated the survivors and would be taking them on to Tarpon Springs FL. I asked them if they wanted to return to Carrabelle or go on to Tarpon Springs. They decided to continue on with us and then fly home from there. We stayed on site until she finally went down which took about an hour but she finally settled slowly under the water, a sickening event to witness. The guy that owned the boat Jim was heart broken since he had purchased the boat and completely restored it over several years of very hard work with the help of Bobby who was traveling with him. I really felt bad for them because I know how I would feel if that happened to the Molly B. Thank God we were there to lend a hand or who knows what might have happened to them. I did take a series of pictures a couple of which are below. For now we are all safe and sound in Tarpon Springs and the guys left last night for home.
This is the little Chinese Junk that was following us across the Gulf.

The Lucky Lady is going down.