Monday, August 25, 2014

We Finally Made It!

     Here we are, we finally made it to Virginia after traveling 1,142 miles. Kind of a long trip but it was interesting to say the least. We had some problems along the way and it took us a lot longer than I thought it would, but I guess that was to be expected since this was our "Shake Down" cruise. I think we have most everything working as it should now with the exception of a few minor things that need attention. I think I'm turning too much pitch in my props so I'm thinking about having them re-pitched. I'm turning 19-20's right now, and my engines will turn a little over 3,000 RPM in neutral but I can only get 1900 RPM out of them with the screws turning. I just have to find someone that can figure out what the pitch should be for this hull and horsepower. 
     We found a really nice little marina on Wormley Creek just off the York river near Yorktown, VA. This is our old stomping grounds so we are familiar with this area although it's been a long time since we've been here and things have changed a bit. We're planning to stay here for a month or so before heading back to Florida for the winter. I guess you could call us "Snowbirds" now that we're on the move again after living in Florida for 15 years. It feels good to be "Free" again. We're both used to moving around rather than sitting in one place for very long. This living aboard the Molly B is really a different lifestyle but we are adjusting and I think it's growing on both Linda and I. Linda seems to be doing great with respect to the sea sickness worry. She gets sick in the back seat of a car so we were worried about her on the boat. We had some pretty rough water several times on the way up here and she really did well with little or no problems. I still can't sell her on the idea of running outside in the ocean instead of in the ditch though.
     Drop us a note when you can, we would love to hear from you.

"What a Life"

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

On the Road Again!

     My parts finally came and I got my windless repaired. It's working fine now or maybe I should say "for the time being?" Anyway, we are back on the water heading north. We have just crossed the N. Carolina boarder so the miles are ticking off a few everyday. I just hope we can keep going without anymore problems. Everything ran good all day today, except that I noticed an unusually high oil pressure on my port transmission. I hope that's not going to be my next problem. Drop us a note when you get a chance and I will do my best to answer whenever I can get on line.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Still Waiting for Parts

     Well, we're still here! My parts were supposed to be here today but they sent them to Florida instead of South Carolina. So, I guess they won't be here now until tomorrow. I don't know when tomorrow so I don't know if we will be able to get underway tomorrow or not. It just might be another day if they don't get here until late in the afternoon. Typical I guess. At least they're going to refund what I paid for overnight shipping but I still have to pay for another night in the marina which will cost more than the refund. Such is life on the water. You have to depend on other people to make things happen and they don't always come through for you. Other than that, things are going pretty well. I've managed to get a few things done while we're sitting here so that's a plus. It's really turned hot again so it's hard to work outside and that's where I need to get a few more things done. I guess I'll have to wait until later in the evening when it cools down a bit. Hope it's a little cooler up north in Virginia.
     By the way, Volume IV of my journal is on the street in case anyone is interested. It took long enough but I finally got it published.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Charleston, SC

     We've traveled a little over 600 miles so far and are probably less than half way to Virginia. It takes a long time traveling along at around 7 knots. It's only around 800 miles by road but when you are traveling east and west on the water as much as you are north it adds a lot of miles to the trip. Right now we are sitting in a marina on St Johns Island just a few miles south of Charleston, SC waiting for our mail, and some parts for my anchor windless. I managed to strip out the threads on the slider gear so I had to order some parts to fix it with. I'm thinking now that I should have put a little heaver duty windless on the boat. The one I have is working ok, but I sure don't think I should be having problems with it after using it only a half a dozen or so times. We need to be able to spend more time on the hook because these marinas are just too expensive. My parts should be here tomorrow and hopefully we can be underway again as soon as I get them installed. I don't like sitting in a marina but I guess you have to once in awhile. We need to take on water, fuel, and get our holding tanks pumped out as well as pick up a few things at the grocery store so you  need to tie up and sit long enough to accomplish all that kind of stuff. This marina has a courtesy car that they let us use so we didn't have to call a cab or ride the bus which is a real plus, and the slip fees are reasonable so it's a good place to hold up for a couple days. This is St. Johns Yacht Harbor and I would highly recommend it. It's very clean, well maintained and the staff is very courteous and helpful. Linda and I will check in again the next time we have an internet connection.