Thursday, January 11, 2018

Home Again

     We're back in Florida once again. What a trip down this year! The weather was almost more than I could handle. We had that low pressure system moving up the coast almost all the way down. The winds were blowing every day providing us with a real nice rock and roll ride. It got too rough a few times and we had to duck into a marina and hold up until the wind laid down a little. We ducked into the Melbourne Landing marina and really had some gale force winds hit us there. We spent three days there before we ventured out again. We had some damage to our flybridge while we were there. The wind blew our bimini off and ripped it up so I had to take it down, what was left of it, so it wouldn't flap around in the wind while we were underway. We have been making that 2,000 mile trip to the York River in VA and back every year since the summer of 2014. I think we might just have to find a place to spend the summer a little closer to Florida. We have to be north of 30.5 degrees N latitude by July 15 for our insurance to remain in affect so we have to go north, maybe just not the whole 1,000 mile trip. It's very expensive and it seems something always breaks down and needs repair along the way. It's a boat after all! We are staying at a little marina on Nettles Island this year because we couldn't get into Ft. Pierce City marina. This is a nice spot and we have everything we might need here or nearby. Nettles Island is across the river from Jensen Beach FL which is just north of Stuart, FL. If you happen to find yourself in the area, stop by and say hello.

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