Wednesday, June 15, 2016

We might be lost, but we're making good time!!

     I thought it time I updated my blog since we left Yorktown, VA. We ran up the Chesapeake Bay about half way and I noticed my shafts still vibrating quite a bit so we pulled into a boat yard in Grasonville, DE and had them check my thrust bearings. They were not good, especially the one I had replaced in VA. I pulled them out and had the guy at the boat yard order some new ones and press them in for me. I took the boat out and I still had a little vibration although not as bad as before. I had them do a short haul on the boat just to check the props and shafts and all seemed to be in good condition. I also had the yard check my shaft alignment and that was good as well. So, I decided to run them as they are and just keep an eye on them. After running the rest of the way up the Chesapeake Bay and into the Delaware Bay, I noticed my shaft seals were really starting to leak bad. I had installed some spare seals on the shafts when I first installed the shafts in the boat, so about half way down the Delaware Bay we had to hold up for weather and I went ahead and replaced the seals with the spares. The Starboard seal is no longer leaking however the port seal is leaking as bad or worse than before. I've been pumping out the bilges a couple times a day and after playing with the shaft position found that if I raise the shaft just a bit, the leak stops. So, I guess that's my next endeavour. We have kept going on our trip around the loop and are currently in the Hudson River almost half way up to the Erie Canal. The sites have really been amazing going through New York City and up the Hudson. If all goes well, we should make the Erie Canal in a couple days. Then we start with all the locks. That aught to be fun! So far it's been an exciting and enjoyable trip despite the problems with the shafts. I don't often have internet access so I will attempt to keep my blog updated as often as I can.

Until next time.