Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Almost Ready to Go.

     We are still here in Yorktown, VA. I got the props checked and they were off quite a bit so I had them re-worked. I also turned my Aqua-drive shafts since they are supposed to be turned end for end at around 1,000 hours anyway and I also replaced my cutlass bearings and one thrust bearing on the port shaft. The thrust bearings didn't seem to be that bad, but the port was the worst one so I used my only spare to replace that one. We got the boat back in the water and took her out to check the shafts and they are really a lot better than before but the starboard shaft still has a little vibration at the midrange of the rpms. I think we will be good to go with them the way they are now. I took the kids out for a little fishing trip last weekend and I stripped the threads on my anchor windless again (the fourth time) so I decided I am done rebuilding that thing and ordered a new windless. It should be here today so I can get that fixed I hope for the last time. I'm also waiting for my auto pilot to come back from Canada. The tech at the factory said there wasn't anything wrong with it so I guess I will re-install it and see if I can get it working. I don't know why it worked ok for awhile and then just stopped working altogether. Once all that is done, we can hit the road up the Chesapeake Bay heading for New York City and the Hudson River, then on to the Erie canal and on to Canada. I really need to be in the Trent Severn Waterway in Canada by late June or early July in order to clear Chicago by September heading south again.