Thursday, October 2, 2014

New Props

     Still in Yorktown, VA at least for another couple weeks. I decided to put new props on the Molly B because the ones we had were way over pitched. I could only get 1900 RPM out of the engines and then they would start overheating. Now I get 2650 RPM and they don't overheat at all. As far as speed is concerned the new props only added a few knots over the ground but now the engines aren't working so hard so I think I might gain a little fuel economy. It's amazing how much better the boat handles now with the different props. She's much more forgiving and really quite easy to put into the slip now.

   We had to haul the boat to change the props so I decided to raise the waterline while she was out of the water. I think we have too much "Stuff" in the boat because we were riding just a bit into the boot top which collected a few barnacles since we put her in the water. Now I have a couple inches of bottom paint above the water line so that should solve that problem. Next we're going to put a bimini top on the fly bridge and then we'll be heading south again.