Sunday, April 27, 2014

Getting ready for the move.

     We finished our tool sale yesterday, and we sold just about everything. I spent today working on getting the building ready to be torn down. I got the front workbench, plywood rack, and the lumber rack all torn down so now I'm ready to start on the roof. I have some help coming Monday night to start on removing the vinyl and then we can get started on the rafters. I only have a little over three weeks to get the building down and the boat loaded with our personal effects before the mover comes to get the boat. It won't be long now!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Time to launch the Molly B

      The time has come! After almost 11 1/2 years of work, I'm ready to move the Molly B to the water. I have scheduled a yacht transport company to pick her up around the first week of June. Now I have to tear down my pole building and clear off the top deck so she will be ready for the crane crew to remove the top of the bridge and the fly bridge so she will be low enough to transport over the road, and load her onto the trailer. I'm taking her to the Cracker Boys Boat Works in Ft. Pierce, FL on the east coast. I will have to put her on the hard stand for a few days to put everything back together before I can launch her.