Friday, June 21, 2013

The Hot Days of Summer!

      Here it is, the first day of summer already. It's been in the 90's here in Florida for the past few weeks and I don't think it is going to cool off until fall. My boat building amplifies the heat by a good 15 to 20 degrees so it is really hot working in there. I'm trying to finish all the inside work because I have my AC running and that keeps me cool.
      I have finished the installation of all my exhaust hoses and I'm now working on installing my fire suppression system. I have my extinguisher mounted and I'm in the process of wiring the automatic engine shut down system. I think I'm a little over my head with this one, but I hope I can figure it out eventually. I have a three circuit control box and I really need a four circuit box which they don't make so I have to try to get by with the 3 circuit box. I think I can wire a couple things onto the same solenoid so one solenoid will shut down both items regardless of what is running or not running. I'll have to test the whole system when I get it all installed to be sure but I think it should work.