Sunday, May 19, 2013

Closing in on the Launch Date!

     I have finally finished the Salon. There are a few new pictures posted of the finished salon area. I have the floor all done, the dinette is done, and I have my TV cabinet installed. I'm using the TV at home so I won't install that until we are ready to move the boat to the water but it's all ready to go. Now the only thing left to do is give the salon, bridge, and foreword cabin a real good cleaning. There is a lot of construction dust everywhere that needs to be cleaned up.
     I have moved into the engine compartment now and I have quite a bit of work to do down there before we are ready to move the boat. My engines need a real good cleaning and some paint touched up because believe it or not, they have rusted a bit in a few places just sitting there for so long. I guess my original paint job wasn't so good for them to be rusted already. But, there aren't that many spots that need attention so that shouldn't take all that long to accomplish. There are lots of loose ends down there to clean up so I will be working there for some time yet.