Saturday, December 27, 2014

Titusville, FL Back in the Warm!

     We're finally back in the warm weather, relatively speaking anyway. It's supposed to be in the 80's here for the next few days. Right now we are at 81 degrees. Not to bad for the end of December. We arrived here in Titusville a couple days ago with no more problems with the boat for the past few weeks. I think we may have all the bugs worked out finally. We'll be spending a few weeks here and then hope to head a little farther south. We don't know exactly where yet because we usually just play that by ear and end up where ever when we get there. Titusville has a nice city marina and the folks here are really friendly. It's a nice stop for a day, week, or longer. We'll have to visit the Space Center while we're here. We had a great time at Frostproof for Christmas dinner and had a chance to visit with a lot of our friends. A special thanks to all of them. Take care and stay warm if you're still up the north.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Stuck Again!

     Well, we finally got under way from Sailcraft with a new alternator and my electrical problems solved. Our first night we anchored and found that our anchor windless was broken again. I couldn't retrieve the anchor so I had to pull it up by hand the next morning to get under way. We headed south again and I called for another new gear for my anchor which we received at Harbor Village Marina, NC. I installed it and we were under way again. We anchored at Wrightsville Beach, NC and the windless worked good. Heading south again we anchored at South Harbor Cove, near Southport. Under way again I noticed my starboard engine wouldn't run above 2,000 rpm. We also noticed that the engine was smoking thick black smoke. We put in at Barefoot Landing and started looking for a mechanic to take a look at my engine. We found a nice marina to lay over at in Myrtle Beach called Osprey marina. A real nice place and the rates are great. We limped down there on one engine and found a mechanic. He said he thought it was the injectors so he removed them from the engine and sure enough two of them were wet like the cylinders weren't firing. He later came back a pulled the injectors from the port engine to send in and have them checked as well. I thought as long as I'm stuck, I might as well check all of them. So, here we sit, stuck again, waiting for my injectors to come back. Hope it won't be too long a wait. While we waited, we rented a car and went up to St. Pauls, NC to visit some long lost friends we hadn't see in over ten years for Thanksgiving. Had a great time and a great dinner. Many thanks to Terry and Aaron, it was really great to see you guys again!