Thursday, March 27, 2014

The Ladders are Done!

     I've been working on building the railings for my two ladders going up to the boat deck. I have them finished and installed finally. Here are a couple pictures of the two laders. To the left is a view of the forward ladder railing and to the right is a view of the aft ladder railing.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Window Treatments

     I've spent the past few days working on the valances and blinds in the salon and galley. Another one of those jobs that I thought would take a day or two, actually took a little over a week.

       I think they turned out pretty well but they sure were a lot of work. The salon is finally all done except for the two recliners we have ordered. They should be here in a couple more weeks I think.

     Now I'm working on getting my AIS transceiver installed, pulling antenna cables down from the mast to the black box in the bridge. I just have two more cables to pull and that will be done. Then I have to get back up on the boat deck and finish my hand rails and the railings for the aft and forward latters. It won't be long now!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Getting closer to the launch date every day!

     I have the Molly B built, and now I'm checking out systems getting her ready for the water. I have run into several problems but that's why I'm checking them now rather than when I get her in the water. Today I ran the engines which hadn't been run since I put them in the boat around seven years ago. The starboard engine started right off, just as soon as the lift pump picked up the fuel she took off. The port engine was another story. I couldn't seem to get it to behave. First I got nothing when I hit the start switch, not even a click of the solenoid. I found a wire disconnected on the switch. Then I couldn't get it to turn over, so I had to charge the battery. Then it just wouldn't start. I checked everything, all the fuel lines, the filter, the lift pump, but it just wouldn't pick up the fuel. There was no fuel getting to the injectors. I was about to change out the lift pump thinking that might be the culprit, when I decided to swap out the fuel solenoid on the injector pump. I knew the one on the starboard engine worked, because that engine started and ran great so I took that one and installed it on the port engine. after some priming, she started and ran great as well. So I have both engines up and running. It just took a little doing, just like everything else I have been checking. It seems I've found at least one problem with every system I've checked. But, I guess that's the idea, find the problems now, not later.