The Building of a Dream Photos

I started working on building a 43 foot trawler in January of 2003. I'm still working on it and I'm getting close to putting her in the water. I'm starting this blog sort of after the fact but I've recorded my whole experience during this build on my website:

Here you can follow my progress from day one to the present. I hope you enjoy reading about and seeing my progress with the hundreds of pictures on my site.

This project has been, to say the least, a bit overwhelming at times. I had no idea what I was getting into when I started this but I have learned a lot during the past eight years, not only about building a boat, but about myself because you really have to do a lot of soul searching at times to keep going to the day when she is launched and you climb aboard for the first time on the water. I'm not there yet, but that day is the motivation that keeps me going.

That day finally arrived, right at 11 1/2 years later. Our boat is in the water and floating just about where I hoped it would. When you scroll through these pictures to the bottom you can see the launch of the Molly B. What a day, I can't begin to explain the feeling.

My Building Form
Building the Frames
My Boat Building Under Construction
Frames going on Building Form
Installing Stem
Longitudinal Members going on Frames
Longitudinal Members Installed
Bottom Planking
Cold Molded Planking Complete

Hurricane Charley's Destruction

My Boat is in there Somewhere!

My New Boat Building is Going Up

My New Building is Covered and Ready to Go

Covering the Hull with Fabric

Painting the Hull

Building the Square Turning Wheels

Installing the Square Turning Wheels

Hooking up the Lifting Eye to the Gin Pole

Turning the Hull

Half Way Over!

On the Way Down

All the Way Over, the Turning Crew Poses for a Picture

Hull is leveled and supported by Cribbing

Sanding and Cleaning the Inside of the Hull

Filling joints and adding fillets

Filling and Fillets Complete, the entire inside
of the hull is sealed with epoxy

Building Floors and Bulkheads for Fwd. Cabin

Adding Carlings for Supper Structure

Installing floors for raised pilot house

Installing framing for Trunk Cabin and Fwd. Decks

Framing of Raised Pilot House and Raised Decks

Pilot House and Trunk Cabin Paneling and Fwd. Decking Installed

Propane Locker in Port Side Raised Deck

Propane Locker and Lid Completed

My Articulated Rudders are built, ready for covering

Building Roof Panels for Raised Pilot House

Pilot House Roof Panels Installed

Framing for Pilot House Cabinets

Installing Carlings for Salon Deck

Layout for Stairs from Salon Deck to Fwd. Cabin

Engine Stringers Installed

Half Frames for Fuel Tank Support Installed

Mold for Fuel Tank Lay-up

Fiberglass Fuel Tank off Mold with Baffles Installed

Rudders Covered With Kevlar

Rudders Primed and Ready to Install

Drilling holes through Blocking for Rudder Bearing

Rudder Bearing Installed

Rudder Installed and blocked

Rudder Installation showing Lower and Upper Rudder Bearings

Mounting pad for Rudder Wing Actuator

Fuel Tank Lid with Access Panels and Piping Bungs

Port Fuel Tank Pressure Testing and Ready for Installation

Port Fuel Tank Being Installed

My Engines have arrived. Perkins 4-236

Engine tear-down

 Engine Re-Build

Marine Conversion Kits Installed

Alternator Installation

Transmission Installed, Engine Wired to Instruments, Ready for Run-up

Engine Run-up

Port Engine Going into Boat

Both Engines and Fuel Tanks Installed

Drive Shaft Installation

Day Tank Installation

Generator Installation

Installation of Salon Floor

Installation of Insulation and Salon Deck

Fwd. Bulwark Framing

Fwd. Bulwark Paneling and Cap Rail

Salon Framing

Salon and Side Deck Paneling

Aft Deck Overhang

Salon Window Framing

Handrail Support Spindles

Spindle and Handrail Installation

Bow Pulpit Spindles and Handrails


Fly Bridge Construction

Engine Instruments on Fly Bridge

Fly Bridge Nearly Complete

Swim Platform Complete

Salon Interior Headliner, Paneling, and Grab Rail

Crown Molding Installed

Window Trim Installed

Galley Cabinet Raised Panel Doors

Pantry/Dry Good Storage Locker Doors

Microwave/Convection Oven and Range Hood

Fwd. Cabin Head

Doors, Doors, and more Doors!

The last 25 Cabinet Doors, I Hope!!

Doors Installed in Head.

 Doors Installed on Hanging Locker.

Doors Installed on Stroage Compartments.

Door Installed on Head.

Doors Installed in Stateroom.

Drawers & Doors Installed in Stateroom.

 The V Berths are done.

The Forward Cabin is Done!
Washer / Dryer Installed.
Water Heater Exhaust Installed.
Refrigerator Installed.
Navigation Computer Monitor Installed.
Windshield Washer System Installed. 
Windshield Washer Fluid Tank 
My bridge is just about all put back together.
Navigation Station Desk and Dinette Cabinets.
Drawers and Doors for Cabinets 
Galley Table is almost done
Galley Table and Salon Flooring Installed
The Salon is Done!
TV Cabinet Installed
Port Engine Exhaust Hose Installed
Starboard Engine Exhaust Hose Installed
Fire Suppression Cylinder Installed
Fire Suppression System Automatic Engine Shutdown
Circuit Board Partially Wired
Fire Suppression System Manual Discharge Handle
Fuel Polishing Panel with valve labels
screwed to the valve handles.
Rudder Angle Indicator Sensor Installation
Mast Nearing Completion
Winches for mast boom and hook
The mast is up on the boat deck
Handrails around boat deck installed.
Building Valances for salon windows
Window Valances and Blinds Installed
The valance and blind on galley window
The railing for the forward ladder to the boat deck
The railing for the aft ladder to the boat deck
Transom Lettering
Taking down the building in preparation for moving the boat
The building walls are falling
Almost ready for transport
The truck is here
The crane is here
Lifting the bridge roof off
Slings are ready to lift the boat
Boat is up and headed for the truck
Loading the boat onto the trailer
On the road heading for Ft. Pierce, FL
Lifting the boat off the trailer at the boat yard
She's all put back together and ready for the launch
Heading for the launch ramp
Over the water and ready for launch
She's in the water and floating just about right
Backing out of the launch ramp
We're underway, heading for the ICW and Vero Beach, FL.